An image of iPac's Monskin® sustainable plastic packaging container.

At iPac we are passionate about delivering innovative packaging solutions. Our MonoSkin®, non-PE Laminated rPET skin tray is the sustainable solution for vacuum skin packaging. 

Here are our top reasons why you should make the move to MonoSkin®.

Sustainability benefits

Sustainability is at the forefront of everything we do and that is why our MonoSkin® packaging is made with up to 90% recycled content.

Where PET/PE is currently used, MonoSkin’s enhanced seal properties allow for the removal of PE laminates giving a reduction in virgin polymer usage and providing a fully recyclable mono rPET product. 

Our MonoSkin® material provides enhanced seal integrity compared to standard Mono PET options. This allows the packer processor to achieve equal seal integrity at a lower temperature with reduced dwell times. 

More gentle processing conditions in turn enable a lower gauge tray, reducing material usage and giving the packer processor a plastic reduction and CO2 saving while the removal of PE and reduction in gauge will deliver significant cost savings. 

An image of iPac's An image of iPac's Monskin® sustainable plastic meat tray container.

A seal with skill 

Seal integrity in vacuum skin packaging plays a vital role both in protecting your food products and in product visuals. A shift to MonoSkin® packaging will bring you excellent seal strength with no PE lamination ensuring the safety, shelf life and appearance of the food product. 

VSP seal integrity is an intricate balancing act. Many PE laminated VSP packs can be incredibly difficult to open, creating an unpleasant user experience. iPac’s MonoSkin® solution is designed to ensure full product integrity with a consumer-focused moderate resistance in mind.

Increased versatility 

To top everything off we will tailor our MonoSkin® packaging to your requirements. This market-leading packaging solution is available in a range of sizes and can be provided in any gauge or colour to complement your brand image. Bespoke sizes can be offered where required. 

For further information and to discuss your packaging requirements contact us today.