The prevented ocean plastic logo against ocean background.

Prevented Ocean Plastic™ (POP) is an initiative that aims to capture and recycle plastic before it enters the ocean, transforming plastic waste into a valuable source of raw material.

POP is manufactured from recycled plastic PET bottles (rPET) and produced according to European quality standards.

It is one of the largest projects of its kind and prevents over 1000 tonnes of plastic from entering the ocean each month. So far, the scheme has transformed over one billion plastic bottles into new items.

Plastic collected as part of the project is used by major international supermarkets and retailers across the globe. POP helps to boost sustainability credentials and brand responsibility by providing businesses with the opportunity to opt for recycled rather than virgin plastic. POP also helps organisations adhere to relevant UK and EU legislation regarding the use of plastics. 

There are numerous advantages to incorporating Prevented Ocean Plastic in packaging; it is recycled plastic that provides the durability and versatility of packaging manufactured from virgin plastic polymers. 

POP is fully traceable with a documented chain of custody. It enables consumers and brand owners to trace the recycled content of their packaging back to specific coastal communities in the likes of Southeast Asia, South America and the Mediterranean. POP also opens up employment opportunities in these regions.

How iPac utilises Prevented Ocean Plastic

At iPac, we implemented Prevented Ocean Plastic into our supply chain in 2022. The POP initiative collects ocean-bound plastic, which: 

  • Is from a country which lacks waste management infrastructure and collection incentives;
  • Where infrastructure is being overwhelmed by population growth or tourism;
  • Where there is a significant risk to wildlife if plastic contaminates their ecosystem.
  • Which has been collected from within a 50-kilometre distance of a coastline or a major waterway that feeds into the ocean.

This is based on the academic definition of ocean-bound plastic, as described by Jambeck, J.R., Andrady, A., Geyer, R., Narayan, R., Perryman, M., Siegler, T., Wilcox, C., Lavender Law, K., (2015). ‘Plastic Waste inputs from land into the ocean’, Science, 347, p. 768-771.

All recycled plastic is cleaned, decontaminated, and tested to make sure it is compliant with UK and EU packaging regulations.

iPac’s use of Prevented Ocean Plastic prevents over 190 tonnes (equivalent to 15 million 500ml bottles) of plastic from reaching the ocean each year.

To learn more about the scheme and benefits of Prevented Ocean Plastic, get in touch today.